Hello! We are Liesbeth and Katrien, the owners of Mawenzi Interiors. We’re 2 sisters from Belgium that have been living in Moshi, Tanzania for several years and we can’t wait to meet you!

Our goal with Mawenzi Interiors is to offer a contemporary home decor collection, with pieces that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in Moshi or even the rest of Tanzania. We aim to work with local craftspeople as much as possible and to privilege handmade, high-quality items. By working this way, we hope to expand the local market rather than taking away work from established craftspeople. 

We sell exclusively predesigned pieces and – except for large orders – don’t make custom made items, as we want to keep prices reasonable and quality high. Our home decor collection is a mix of items that we custom order from local artists and craftspeople and items that we make in our own workshop. For example, our throw pillows, lamp shades and macrame collection are entirely made in our own workshop.

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Liesbeth Donné


Liesbeth moved to Tanzania in 2017 and created the first two members of the Mawenzi family, Mawenzi Adventures and Mawenzi Accessories. With her degree in construction engineering, she’s the one that makes all our 3D drawings and works closely together with our craftspeople to make sure each piece they make matches our quality standards. She takes care of our website and social media, and with her love for crafts, you’ll often find her in our workshop sewing pillow covers or rolling lamp shades.

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Katrien Donné


Katrien followed her big sister to Tanzania in 2019. She’s always had a talent for sales, so it was clear from the start that she was going to be our sales manager. She spends her days looking for new opportunities, taking care of our customers and trying to turn their dreams into reality. You won’t find her crafting or sewing for pleasure, but she is the designer of our entire macrame collection. She picks the pieces, finetunes them and follows up with our team to make sure they’re made to perfection. Katrien also handles our administration.